Improving life on purpose


Those who have improved life "on purpose".

Small business owners:  

When you are “In your element,” that’s the place where you were always meant to be! 

We’ll give you the ability to unlock that which you are really meant to do. Many small business owners like you, are already winners, yet most will only get so far towards their goals. With our intervention, you’ll readily step outside your comfort zone on a journey that can be so much more fulfilling.


High pressure situations and tough decisions often take their toll on you over time. 

This can have a highly negative impact mentally and physically. Ask yourself….If you could discover an alternative way of completing every task more efficiently, would you?You’ll avoid burnout, enjoy your success, and be fully present during both your work and leisure hours.

Elite Athletes: 

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 Emotional and Mental Health

If you had broken your leg and after 6 weeks it was not on the way to healing, wouldn’t you seek a second opinion?

With mental and emotional health issues, we appreciate that many of you suffer in silence for years. By introducing you to non traumatic holistic methods, we break through that deadlock and deliver success where many other established techniques have failed.

Pioneering success

Unlocking Potential

Pioneering Spirit

Aspiring and Inspiring

Our mission is to support our clients to live full, happy, and purposeful lives.

 Pioneering Edge offers strategies and solutions that empower 

our clients to design their mindsets. 

Don’t just wait and hope for a change — be a pioneer and intentional about life.

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Why our clients come to us... To improve lifes journey with purpose !

  • Unfulfilled aspirations. 
  • Given up on goals.
  • Taking ownership of identity.
  • Identifying clarity and direction.
  • Negative thought processes and patterns.
  • Coping strategies and stress reduction.
  • Planning and Contingency.
  • Resilience and Confidence.
  • Behaviour and emotional awareness.
  • Emotional, Physical and Mental wellbeing.
  • The curious.

At Pioneering Edge, we believe that life is for thriving, not just surviving!

Improve it on purpose!

Pioneering Discovery

Pioneering discovery is designed for identifying who you are increasing the opportunity to improve.



Pioneering Explorer

Pioneering explorer is designed to explore and increase potential.



Pioneering Spirit

Pioneering spirit is designed to provide aspiration and inspiration for self and others. Created to unlock the potential of serial winners. It is knowing who has the ability and spirit to develop or whether new directions are required.

Hi my name is Wendy. My motto is 

“whatever you think you’re not wrong”

I spent the past 30 years overcoming adversity which was created by a motorbike accident resulting in a spinal injury and paralysis from the chest down. I walked out of hospital 8 months later and wanted to find out the “Why” behind my spinal cord recovery. This journey has led me to a paralympic games wheelchair basketball player, has stood me on stages with Lords and other prestigious individuals as a speaker, has given me the opportunity to work with over 700 people in therapeutic services and provide education for the young and the old.

Personal values and beliefs

Honesty, trust and loyalty are my main driving values. As a coach I pride myself on being able to adapt my style to fit the individual. Communication is key to effective coaching and listening skills are essential, I have both in abundance. Compassion and support are part of any session when needed or just a good old kick up the butt, everyone is different and I will easily fit the approach that suits my clients best.

Hi I’m John.

I have spent over 30 years working with people from all walks of life. Having trained, mentored, coached and facilitated many individuals and teams using innovative ways of increasing awareness and the ability of providing opportunity to improve. 

Personal values and beliefs

As a coach, I am led by my humility and my emotional intuition. An approach that is rooted in the values of kindness, openness and honesty. When working with clients toward the unknown, I believe that there is no space for ego. Focusing entirely on supporting you to achieve, and taking pride in empowering people to live their lives on purpose.

Pioneering Edge Programme

A challenge: If you have it, we will harness it.

The focused discovery meeting is designed to identify triggers and drivers for undesirable behavioural patterns. Connections are made between the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual elements, and the clients understanding of their life is deepened through meaningful and structured interaction with the coach. There is a conversation around themes of commitment and resilience, so that the client can confirm they are willing and able to take the next step in improving their life on purpose. 

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